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Habitat Potential: What's in the name? | Consulting Services
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Habitat Potential: What's in the name?

Founded by Consulting Ecologist and Naturalist Josiah Clark in 2002, Habitat Potential offers environmental consulting services and naturalist expertise. Habitat Potential is more than a company name, it is a philosophy that starts with an intimate knowledge of local ecosystems and their organisms. The potential is set in motion by actions in landscape stewardship.

Habitat Potential is grounded in on-site field observations, an intimate knowledge of local flora and fauna as well as studies of historic references. Habitat Potential calls on lessons from restoration ecology, similar reference sites, the urban wildlife interface and landscape architecture in an effort to maximize ecosystem function and preserve local biodiversity in human dominated settings.

Impacts to habitats in urban settings include fragmentation, degradation, intrusion, isolation and meso-predator saturation. At Habitat Potential, we specialize in identifying, abating and mitigating factors that impoverish biodiversity and impair native processes.

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Consulting Services

Ecological Assessments:
-Identify and record species present on site: non-native plants, native plants, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals;
- Investigate dominant insects, other arthropods, and fungus, create lists and notes on natural histories.

Site Evalutations:
-Identify existing and potential resources for wildlife including corridors for movement, areas for roosting, cover and nesting, as well as sources of food and water;
-Assess relevant soil, water, and physical processes on and around site;
-Assess carrying capacity for local and migratory wildlife;
-Assess potential for future habitat enhancement possibilities.

Maximizing Habitat Potential:
-Site-specific designs and plant composition recommendations;
-Optimize structural and species diversity in vegetation;
-Management plans and landscape recommendations.

Wildlife Enhancement Projects:
-nesting boxes for native birds (i.e. songbirds, kestrels, owls, wood ducks);
-butterfly gardens with native host plants;
-bird baths for songbirds and hummingbirds;
-dragon fly breeding ponds;
-native frog and newt breeding conditions.

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Nature Enrichment and Education: Guided Walks and Birding Trips

For educators, budding naturalists and serious birdwatchers, the concept of Habitat Potential has yet another significance. One of the best things residents can do to preserve nature in their local environment is to actively seek it out and understand it. Whether you are looking to teach kids about local biodiversity or find rare birds in remote corners of the globe, Josiah Clark interprets the natural world using an encyclopedic knowledge of nature and a very high level of awareness. Studying nature nourishes our sense of wonder while making us better-informed citizens.

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About Josiah Clark

Josiah Clark started Habitat Potential in 2002 and has worked as a Consulting Ecologist for a wide range of clients including the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, The San Francisco Significant Natural Areas Program, San Francisco Recreation and Park Department, Golden Gate Audubon Society and on dozens of private property owners. The work of Josiah Clark and Habitat Potential is grounded in careful observation, case studies, reference sites, local knowledge and a passion for maximizing biological productivity and the “life force” every where possible. Josiah Clark is an expert on the urban-wildlife interface, and has investigated natural processes and the specific needs of wildlife in the urban setting for the last fifteen years. Josiah also leads international birding tours, environmental stewardship with urban youth and writes on environmental issues.

To learn about Josiah's environmental education work with Aim High, click here and select the "Headlands" video.

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